What is $SHILL?

SHILL token is the utility token used in the ecosystem, whether for trading, staking, or voting (DAO). Players use $SHILL as an native currency in Project SEED's game universe for payment method, store of values and standard of deferred payment. Players can use $SHILL to purchase in-game items, pay items rent and earn $SHILL directly by playing. $SHILL is multi-chain currency. Like other token, it has mint-and-bunt model to equalize the circulation and total supply of our token.

SHILL is the ticker name of the Project SEED Ecosystem Utility Token, built with a broad spectrum of use cases to bring massive blockchain power to our users when they are a part of our ecosystem. In this article, we’ll uncover everything you need to know about our native token SHILL: its use cases, distribution, tokenomics, and value accrual.


Project SEED pragmatically adopts SHILL as their native token name for two reasons. Firstly, the name is inspired by Shilling, a historical coin that is formerly used in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other British Commonwealth countries. Secondly, it originated from the words widely used by the crypto community: SHILL, SHILLERS, and SHILLING. Our token holders are called SHILLERS, who will play a major part in sharing, introducing, and bringing mass adoption through our game. This reinforces Project SEED’s philosophy as a community-driven project and product.

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