What is Outland Odyssey?

Outland Odyssey is an action RPG that allows players to explore and survive in a dying metaverse. In the game, the players can hunt, capture, and train creatures called Zeds as they try to bring the metaverse back from the brink of destruction. Despite its condition, destruction is not imminent and the characters are still hopeful that the world can be saved. It’s a more uplifting theme about adventuring to save the world.

Key Features

NFT Rental Marketplace

Solution for NFT liquidity, especially if it is a rare NFT with high value. NFT owners can earn a rental fee from their rare NFTs, and renters can utilize the rare NFT without owning one.

Dungeon Creator

Players who stake SHILL token can create dungeons in the game and earn from other players who play in their dungeons.

NFT Creator Program

Users and institutions can create in-game assets (NFT) with their design and brand, and earn royalty from the NFT trades.

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