May 22, 2023

Greetings, Avorians! Our development team has been busy bringing exciting new updates to the Outland Odyssey universe. Here’s a summary of the progress made from May 15th to 20th.

Game Design

The designers have been working on several gameplay elements this week to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.

In progress:

  • new level designs

  • combat stats balancing

  • quest rewards balancing

  • equipment cost balancing

  • quest rewards/cost modeller

  • O2 sink/faucet balance

  • content implementation

  • bug fixes

VFX Team

Meanwhile, the VFX team works on more Zed & hunter’s skill effects to make them appear more immersive, flashy, and awesome!

In progress:

  • Rammun Ball of discharge

  • Player character Basic attack combo + AOE smash VFX

Animation Team

It has been a fruitful week for the animation team with all these characters getting their animation tests! These characters have their distinctive movement animation (that we cannot reveal yet!) Here are the detailed list on what the team has worked on for the past week.

  • Erin

    • Attack 2

    • Die

  • Alex

    • Hurt

    • Die

  • Laszlo

    • Attack 2

  • Celestine

    • Attack 1

    • Attack 2

  • Igor

    • Attack 1

    • Attack 2

  • Carlisle

    • Idle

    • Run

    • Hurt

    • Die

    • Attack 1

  • Maud

    • Idle

    • Run

    • Attack 1 (Ver. 1)

    • Attack 2

Concept team

We got visuals for these concepts! As the world of Avoria is teemed with dangers, there are traps designed to control the Zeds as shown in this illustration. Concept team has been working on the infected Zeds arts too!

In progress:

  • Zed traps forest biome

  • Infected Zeds VFX


  • Melee from Copperhead

  • Ground for Homescreen

Character team

In progress:

  • Percival as melee

  • Occultist as leader of the outcast

Texture team

  • Occultist as leader

  • Rammum infected

  • Strix infected

Environment Team

The environment team has also been hard at work, with completed projects listed below. C3Q3 means Chapter 3, Quest 3. Once you know our team’s abbreviations, it’s just so easy to understand what these are!

In Progress:

  • C3Q3

  • C3Q4

  • Rebaked Light all mission with new Lighting system

Finally, our programmers have been working diligently on general updates and back-end projects, and blockchain. They've also been working on an achievement system, improving the UI in various places, as well as fixing bugs and build errors.

Blockchain team


  • implementing security fixes for across the systems ( from CYREX Penetration Test )

  • implementing bigger server to accommodate users ( from Locust Load Test )


  • UI update

Player Portal:

  • working on Price Marquee implementation


  • fixing flow

  • implementing payment processor

Programmers team


  • UI Party management

  • UI Gameplay

  • Mana system

  • Unity update 2021


  • Achievement system


  • Exploit detection persistence

  • IAP Verification

Bug Fix:

  • Player movement input during skill activation

  • Skill set-up in ability effect branch

  • Story system loading error

  • Boss camera trigger

  • UI Equipment

We hope you're as excited as we are for these incredible new updates to Outland Odyssey. Stay tuned for more adventures in the coming weeks!

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