Getting Started to Outland Odyssey

Countless games are now available on mobile phones. It varies from casual simulation to high-end games with complex gameplay, all built for small compact devices. GameFi has started to surface too among the available mobile games and the responses are varying from one to another.

Project SEED wants to break the stigma of how GameFi is dull and boring, with its redeeming quality lies in the Play-and-Earn feature and neglecting the part that makes a game “FUN”. This is how Outland Odyssey comes to fruition, by adopting the monster-hunting quest-based gameplay.

Project SEED wants to make the game itself enjoyable to play, just like what makes a game worth playing at first. Not stopping at developing a solid game with enjoyable gameplay and story, Project SEED tries to implement the new blockchain technology into it.

Project SEED intends to change the negative feeling of how a game feels like a chore as it makes users tackle the game solely to earn, into a Play-and-Earn: enjoy the gameplay, play the role-playing game, and earn at the same time, all in perfect equilibrium.

Launch Strix Beta Test Phase

Outland Odyssey has undergone a series of tests to ensure the best user experience on their devices.

By Q2 2021, Project SEED has completed the assets building and by Q1 2022 marks the completion of system implementation, such as inventory, AI, and many more. This leads to a test conducted by the company’s internal testers.

Convinced that the game is now ready to be tried in greater numbers, Project SEED reached out to its community members and provided the closed test for the members to try hands-on. The generated feedback and playability are further enhancing the nearly completed game.

By Q2 2022, the developer has updated the quests and combat system, polishing the equipment crafting and upgrading. Project SEED then takes the leap to floor the game publicly in Strix Beta Release: an open public beta test distributed through Google Playstore. This creates a wave of new players and testers across the mainstream and varying audience, unlike the previous tests.

How to Play Outland Odyssey

Step 1

Download the game here

Step 2

Open the app

Step 3

Register your email and password (this ensures you won’t lose your progress as savedata is tied to your account)

Basic Game Play

Click Here

Minimum Phone Specification

Below are the minimum phone requirement to run Outland Odyssey :

CPU : A decent processor


Storage : Minimum 800MB (Recommended over 1.5GB available for future updates)

Recommended system : Android 8.1 or above

Please note that at the current time of writing, Outland Odyssey can only be played on Android Operating System.

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