July 10, 2023

Greetings, Avorians! We’re back bringing you updates on this second week of July.

Our development team has been busy developing and polishing more graphics as well as testing features for the game. Here’s our list of the progress made from July 3rd to July 7th, 2023.

Concept Team

The Zed improvements doesn’t stop at last week’s color updates and Elite variants. Imagine if Zeds have adapted to their environment and they adopt the color scheme to camouflage better? This is the kind of immersion the concept team is trying to do! You can see that it’s still in progress: for making the Zed variant to Forest environment. We sure look forward to seeing it in-game!

In progress:

  • Mythic Healer from Palepeaks

  • Zed Variant - Forest

  • Hunter’s Haven dialogue background

  • Healing plant for Silent Grove


  • Second lighting for all the dialogue characters

Character Team

In progress:

  • Brachoptera offspring LOD4

  • Treasure chest

  • Weapons set up


  • Companion ranged from Palepeaks - Nature

  • Ciel LOD3

VFX Team

In progress:

  • Celestine's Absorption

  • Rock shell rework

  • Wild Darkness


  • Toxic rage

  • Feral Slash

  • Sky Wrath

  • Shield Descent

Texture Team


  • Maloth update

  • Ilan

  • Atticus

  • Oris Elite Infected

  • Brachoptera Offspring

Environment Team

Environment team is back again on this week’s update with each chapter’s quests improvement! They are adding more shadow paint on C1Q2 (Chapter 1, Quest 2) and Q3 (Quest 3), the chapter and quests you all must have surely played early in the game. They never stop polishing the environment, even for the ones that you may have passed long ago!

In Progress:

  • C4Q4 Decoration

  • C1Q2-Q3 Shadow paint


  • C4Q3 Lighting

  • C4Q4 Decoration

  • C1Q1 Add Shadow paint

Programmers Team

Unity Dev Team

  • UI Update In-Progress

  • Loading / Login

  • Victory / Defeat

  • Party Management


  • Tutorial (Equipment)

  • Push Notification

  • Arena Dungeon

  • Bug fixes


  • In-App Purchase

  • Achievement


  • Navmesh Footprints & Pathfinding

  • Backend In-Game Staking Benefits

  • Healing Plants for Companions

  • Tutorial Gameplay Immortal

  • UI Main Menu Update

  • UI Inventory Update

  • UI Quest Update

  • UI IAP Update

Game Feel Improvements

  • Entities Collider Adjustment

  • Animation Size Changes

  • HD Mesh for Main Menu

We are as excited as you are to share our next update next week! We hope you will love these incredible new contents in development for Outland Odyssey.

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