June 11, 2022

Game Design

  • Fix collision issues & reading problematic tiles

  • Design adjustments & fixes to quest map and equipment

  • Worked on map design review

  • Worked on feature planning

  • Design & Story team workflow reorganization


  • Fix UX/UI after Strix Release

  • Create web view for Bug bounty in game

  • Finishing Inventory system

  • Finishing companion Zeds system

  • Create more in-game icons

  • Create intro UI for the the game

  • Revised login system for September

  • Design arrow indicator

  • Revise combat UI without mini map and item drop



  • Plan missing animation list

  • Optimize Lenora rig by switching all her fingers to blendshapes instead of joints

  • Optimize Zed Rigs (Completes: Bogzar, Zandwuf, Oris)

  • Fix Male Pedestrian animation feedback


In progress:

  • Halloween Zandwulf sword

  • Forest glowing plants

  • Cart with books and potions

  • Wooden blockade

  • NPC Shiv


  • Medium trees

  • Large trees

  • Tree stump with a hole

  • Fallen hollow tree

  • Forest biome overlook

  • Halloween pumpkins

  • Christmas Oris

  • Christmas Strix

  • Elite Zandwulf Armor

  • NPC Blacksmith for Copperhead

  • NPC Goggins

  • Zombie Zandwulf


In progress:

  • Algrog armor

  • Blacksmiths Unique Zed

  • NPC Blacksmith Copperhead

  • LODs on Lenora faces


  • Copperhead Messenger

  • Algrog

  • Quiritor armor

  • Brachoptera

  • A few concept sculpts for environment + Brachoptera offspring

  • Re-baked from new Lenora face

  • Re-assembled the model with the new face on Tyffany and Zenbu

On hold:

  • Driscoll

  • Female pedestrian (needs fixing)

  • Tech armor 1 (needs fixing)


In Progress:

  • Magic Eden Bogzar

  • Magic Eden Rammum


  • Magic Eden Bogzar Armor

  • Elite Zandwulf Armor


In Progress:

  • Improve Game Art looks

  • New Lighting and cinematic scene

  • Tree stump with a hole (for gather point)


  • Hunter Heaven title

  • HubWorl Stair

  • Model and Texture Zeds Cave


  • "Invisible wall" fixes at many places

  • Audio fixes

  • Shoulder items fix

  • Inventory item display fixes

  • AI and skill adjustments

  • Login scene: Reset Password

  • **** for password field

  • Many other small fixes and adjustments


  • Deployed report bug, bug list pages

  • Updated website for beta release

  • Developed admin pages

  • Continued blockchain development for many features

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