September 11, 2023

Greetings, Avorian!

The beginning of September has set the stage for an exciting month at Project SEED. We've had a fantastic start in the first week and can't wait to fill you in on all the news. Get ready to discover our achievements!

Game Design

From a new game mode to new storylines, our design team has been busy creating and polishing the current and future features. That's right, Outland Odyssey is just keeping on evolving!

In Progress:

  • New feature designs:

    • Co-op Mode

    • Equipment/companion scrapping system

    • Premium currency shop varieties

    • NFT benefits

    • Staking benefits

Character Art

Our talented artists have been working on an NPC and a new armor set among other things. You can look forward to seeing new things in Outland Odyssey and be surprised!


  • NPC Raider LOD1

  • Armor Halloween LOD1


The texture artists took a visual adventure last week, giving life to the fearsome Tennataur and Raider. Does this mean that new threats have emerged in Avoria?


  • Tennataur update

  • Raider update

Concept Art

The concept team has been exploring new possibilities for Outland Odyssey’s Zeds and environments! What do you think about this night biome?


  • Night mood exploration

  • Fire Oris

In progress:

  • Tank from Palepeaks

  • Palepeaks exploration


Our environment team has been working to give Komogon an even more special treatment. But that's not all; you'll also discover a new landmark in Avoria!


  • Komogon boss cinematic

  • Old water well Landmark

In Progress:

  • C6Q3 New design


Meanwhile, in the realm of UI/UX, the team has completed layouts and flow for various projects on both Project SEED and Outland Odyssey's side.


  • Outland Odyssey:

    • Co-op mode (UI layout & UX/interactions flow)

    • Reviewing game/app builds and compile revisions note


    • Landing page design options

In progress:

  • Outland Odyssey:

    • Equipment & companion scrapping system

    • Settings: language


Our blockchain team reached new heights last week with completed Player Portal elements and various features on the way. We're gearing up for even more exciting developments!


  • Player Portal:

    • Forgot password

    • Lenora lvl 20 limit

In progress:

  • Cyrex bugs final check

  • Wemix implementation

  • PP bugs: O2X transfer

  • PS website: update components

  • Launchpad: UI/UX polish

  • Marketplace:

    • Change in workflow

    • Smart Contract update for selling/delist function

    • Royalty


Last but not least, the programmers have been working to enhance your Outland Odyssey experience. From squashing bugs to improving core features, here's what they've accomplished and what's currently in progress.


  • Maintenance Pop-up

  • Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Currency & Stamina Display Fix

  • In App Purchase Update

  • Achievement Update

  • Tutorial Extension

  • Build Stabilization

In progress:

  • Localization: Indo, Thai, Vietnamese, Tagalog

  • Procedural Animation

  • Equipment Scrapping

  • Event Tracking

  • Boss Phase

  • Co-op

That's all on Project SEED's recent achievements, Avorian. Thank you so much for your support and stay tuned for more game-changing updates next week!

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