DAO Proposal Flow

1. Staking

  • Holders Staked their SHILL Token.

  • Stakers will be able to Create DAO Proposals on our platform.

2. DAO Proposal:

  • Created proposals will be vetted by the team to check the validity, possibility, and development advantages the proposal will bring.

  • Proposals will be classified by Project SEED team as Low, Medium, High Priority; each with their own reward class.

  • Approved proposals will then be broadcasted and listed on the proposal billboard where other players could vote from in-game.

3. Rewards:

  • Approved proposals that earn enough voters will be implemented (or worked on) and the proposer will receive its due prize.

  • Voters might receive their allocated prize (if any).

4. Implementation:

  • Winning proposals that need development will be worked on aside from the main development by Project SEED.

*Subject to change without further notices until DAO Governance Platform launch.

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