Game HUB

Project SEED has a technological breakthrough, namely Game HUB which allows for games that are in the Project SEED Ecosystem to implement Multi-Chain and Cross-Platform, meaning that this will make it easier for players to make transactions in the Project SEED ecosystem.

Then we also implemented the Cross Platform NFT. The majority of Project SEED Metaverse NFTs will be usable in all games created by Project SEED Studio and will be usable across the ecosystem in Project SEED Grow Program Partners’ games. This cross-platform feature will give Project SEED Metaverse NFT to have a great use-cases boost and value in the long term. Project SEED Metaverse NFT will also be Forward-Compatible and Backward-Compatible across the ecosystem.

In the future, Project SEED will not only develop single games, but in the future we will develop other genre games that suit the needs of players. Because we have a principle to focus on players over others.

Just like the traditional level game studio, there are endless possibilities for us to create multiple games under the same umbrella:

  1. Role-Playing Game (RPG)

  2. Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG)

  3. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

  4. Battle Royale First Person Shooter (FPS)

  5. Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

  6. Fighting Game

  7. Arcade-Style Flight Action Game

  8. And many more

All these game titles will be connected to each other with the concept of Project SEED Metaverse.

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