Project SEED

June 17, 2022

Game Design

  • Worked on tile fixes and new tiles
  • Worked on O2 grind economy & document
  • Worked on IAP UI wireframe
  • Worked on achievement system design & document
  • Worked on stamina refil design & document
  • Worked on new gameplay balancing (stats based)


  • Finish companion Zed UI
  • Revised some UI from Strix release comments
  • Create web view for Bug bounty in game
  • Finishing Inventory system
  • Create more in-game icons
  • Create intro UI for the the game
  • Revised login system for September
  • Design arrow indicator
  • In-game economy system


  • Complete optimising lenora rig
  • Complete optimising all current zed rigs
  • Worked on blacksmith working animations
  • Done character in car animations for speed racer
In progress:
  • Spider web

  • Forest gate

  • Forest fence

  • Nightmare Rammum

  • NPC-Armor upgrader

  • Halloween illustration
  • Halloween Zandwulf sword

  • Forest glowing plants

  • Cart with books and potions

  • Wooden blockade

  • NPC Shiv

  • Plant barricade

  • Small trees

  • Tree barricade

  • Hurt pedestrians

  • Large crystals


In Progress:
  • Strix Forest Location
  • Re-export all texture size
  • Forest Biome Gather Point Model and Texture
  • New game Lighting
  • Cinematic camera at HubWorld
  • Improve HubWorld


  • UI fixes in HUB World.
  • Options fixes (resolution, and cross-session save)
  • Audio fixes
  • Hub world improvements (mission progression related changes, WIP)
  • Bug report enhancements (red button)
  • Throwing knife skill fix
  • Zed death animation fix
  • Companion AI (WIP)
  • UI render fixes
  • Cloud save story progress
  • Stamina refill for O2