June 19, 2023

Greetings, Avorians! Our development team has been busy creating many things for the Outland Odyssey universe. Here’s our list of the progress made from June 12th to 17th, 2023.

Game Design

Our game design team has been working on improving Outland Odyssey’s overall performance! From level designs to future features: UX improvements, AI setups, and so on, they are working hard to ensure your journey in Avoria is as spotless as possible.

In progress:

  • level designs

  • bug fixes

  • AI setups

  • game improvement tweaks

  • UX improvement designs

  • future features designs

Character Team

In progress:

  • Melee DPS from Palepeaks


  • Melee from Copperhead - fire

  • Fixes on Kanid and Crotalus armors

Concept team

Our concept team has been making tremendous progress this week! We have a lot of dialogue expressions for unique characters, both in progress and completed.

In progress:

  • Dialogue expressions - Lazlo

  • Dialogue expression - Celestine

  • Melee from Copperhead, Nature

  • Oasis biome dialogue background

  • Generic zed - Forest


  • Ulsa’s Hut dialogue background

  • Dialogue expression - Erin

  • Dialogue expression - Maud

  • Dialogue expression - Aida

  • Bloom Burst skill - Alex

  • Generic zed - Desert

UI/UX team

Even more menu screen re-designing has been at work in our UI/UX team this week. Your feedback is very valuable to us in making the home screen more convenient!

In progress:

  • party management, character & equipment detail screen (revisions)

  • character & equipment level up-awakening screen (revisions)

  • General UI asset library

  • Achievement page XD prototype


  • Cut scene cinematic video

  • Story dialog (UI-UX assets handoff)

  • Referral code page (UI-UX Handoff)

  • General Inventory filter & sorting bar

VFX team

In progress:

  • Igor Taunting Roar

  • Kanid Rework Acid Injection

  • Moloch Rock shell fixes


  • Lenora Nature Burst

  • Erin Sonic Melody

  • Igor Fire Punch

Texture team

This week we have a lot of sneak peeks coming from the texture team! These Zed armors really look vibrant here.

In progress:

  • Copperhead fire melee


  • Brachoptera Armor

  • Alex's color fix

  • Strix set retouch

Environment Team

The environment team has also been hard at work, with completed projects listed below. C4Q1 Lighting means they are implementing lighting effects for Chapter 4, Quest 1 area. Once you know our team’s abbreviations, it’s just so easy to understand what these are!

In Progress:

  • C4Q1 Lighting

  • C4Q2 Decoration


  • C4Q1 Decoration

  • C3Q3 Lighting

Finally, our programmers have been working meticulously to integrate several gameplay improvements! Many involve improving the general UI and integrating blockchain functionalities.

Blockchain team

In progress:

  • Minting functionality

  • Blockchain integration in-game bugs

  • Launchpad Smart Contract

  • Testing MKT place on live server

  • Bugs fix


  • Singular API integration for PS & OO website

  • Tokens conversions

  • Cyrex Submission (waiting for report)

  • Bugs fix (Cyrex, Staking)

  • Workflow message verified on SOL and BSC

  • Unity API

Programmers team

In progress:

  • UI Achievement system

  • UI Party Management

  • UI Story Dialogue

  • UI Redeem Code

  • Backend IAP

  • Backend Character Selection

  • Ability control & skill adjustments

  • HP Bar improvements

  • Smoothing easing movements

  • Entities collider so to never clip into another

  • Ambient sounds implementation (BGM & SFX)

  • Bug fixes & General cleanups

We are as excited as you are to share our next update next week! We hope you will love these incredible new contents in development for Outland Odyssey.

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