Basic Outland Odyssey Gameplay

Basic Gameplay

Upon starting the game, users will be prompted to create an account and login, then users will see their hunter avatar standing on the gate with a series of tutorials. This article has wrapped up several of the key elements to make it simpler to follow.

How to Move

Simply tilt the bottom left cursor to where the hunter should be heading. This movement does not vary both in dungeon and in hunter’s hub map, so players will rely on the same timing to dodge Zed’s attacks later.

How to Pick Up Quest

Hunters should head to the door with the portal icon on the first map.

The screen will then change to a one room hub where the quest master is. Tap talk to choose the quests available.

The quests are ranging from five category :

  • Hunt

  • Clear Zeds

  • Recon

  • Exploration

  • Dangerous Beast

How to Fight with Zeds

Once in the dungeon, Zeds will roam the map and they are hostile to the hunter. Players need to deploy several skills usable in combat, like Heavy Blow and Mend.

Zeds also have visible lines of attack that may be used as a hint to dodge the upcoming damage.

This heavily uses players’ skill to quickly respond to move the hunters away from the attack line, throw in some ranged damage with Knife Throw, or dash with Shoulder Charge.

How to Craft & Equip Equipment

Players will have the ability to customize their hunters with brand new weapons and armors. The equipment may be crafted through the help of NPCs in the hunter’s hub.

After a series of hunts, players will find that they have materials gathered from Zed drops. These can be used as source materials to craft a certain weapon or armor, for example an armor inspired by Oris needs Oris materials to make.

In the example above, players need “copper ore” and “Oris feather” to craft an Oris Bottom Armor. They can be gathered in dungeons, both when players are exploring and finding ore deposits, defeating the particular Zeds (in this case: Oris) until the item drops, or through a quest reward by the end of the hunt.

Below are the tips on how to find the more materials needed for crafting and upgrading.

Video tutorial in how it looks like in-game:

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