July 24, 2023

Greetings, Avorians! We’re back bringing you updates on the fourth week of July.

Our development team has been busy developing and polishing more graphics as well as testing features for the game. Here’s our list of the progress made from the past week.

Designers Team

  • game economy finalization

  • data setup for achievements, companions systems

  • companions setup

  • dungeon map data setups

  • arena system setups

Concept Team

We have made tremendous progress this past week with so many completed works! The concept team has made a new addition to several character expression’s sets: Surprised expressions. They also made several improvements for the character’s existing design and another design for a home screen image.

In progress:

  • Hunter's Heaven Homescreen

  • Zed Variant - Forest

  • Surprised expression - Alex

  • Tank from Inheritance

  • Hair modifications for Robin


  • Melee from Copperhead

  • Hair modifications for Shiv

  • Surprised expression - Abraham

  • Surprised expression - Lorna

  • Surprised expression - Percival

  • Surprised expression - Ilan

  • Surprised expression - Moore

  • Surprised expression - Lenora

  • Surprised expression - Aida

VFX Team

In progress:

  • Spectral bulldoze

  • Double Slash

  • Wave of terror

  • Spear throw


  • Jungle wrath adjustments

  • Fire wrath adjustments

  • Dark stab

Texture Team

Texture team gives us a visual appearance from a companion named Agnes here! Aren’t you curious on how she will help Lenora’s battle in the field, with her mysteriously uncommon equipment?

Another image we have from the texture team is about the old man we all know present in the game before. Remember the old man with a cane, walking around the Hunter’s Heaven? He has got an updated look here. We wonder when he will appear again and where?


  • Companion Agnes

  • Copperhead Blacksmith update

  • Potioneer Update

  • Old Man pedestrian update

  • Askel Update

Blockchain Team

In Progress:


  • bugs fix

  • Internal tests

MKT Place

  • Internal tests

  • Bugs fixing

  • UI implement


  • Design UX UI


Player Portal:

  • Auto minting function


  • Amplitude connection: deployed on PP, testing on MKT place


  • UI changes implement

MKT place:

  • integrate doc for NFT inventory

Programmers Team


  • Social Login

  • Arena Dungeon

  • Chest Loot Drop

  • Impostor Implementation

  • Backend: AI PVP

  • Backend: Equipment & Player Stats

  • Tutorial: Quest & Companion

  • UI Update: Login

  • Improvement: Damage Number

  • Improvement: Equipment Blendshape

  • Improvement: Zed Rotation Animation


  • Minor Ability Features

  • Unit Test for all Zeds

  • Companion Recruitment

  • UI Update: Loading

  • UI Update: Defeat

  • UI Update: Inventory

  • UI Update: Party Management


  • Bug Fixes

  • Build Stabilization

We are as excited as you are to share our next update next week! We hope you will love these incredible new contents in development for Outland Odyssey.

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