October 31, 2022


  • Tutorial Revamp

  • Work on enemy NPCs + Zeds setup

  • Work on new enemy design documentation

  • Work on player control improvement

  • Work on hub world revamp

  • Work on quest balancing

  • Work on gameplay balancing

  • Work on minor setup fixes

  • Work on achievement/dungeon setup


  • Create a New Loading screen for Terror Eclipse and Winter Event

  • Upgrade IAP

  • Create Terror Eclipse icons and Map

  • Reskin Marketplace

  • Add connect wallet icon

  • Create icons for the winter event

  • Create the Loading screen for the winter event



In progress:

  • Chinese New Year Armor

  • Zed Syrcan


  • NPC Driscoll

  • Zed Maloth

  • Christmas sword and armor


In progress:

  • Brachoptera Armor

  • Copperhead buildings

  • Hub world training camp

  • Hub world market stall


  • Chinese New Year Armor set

  • Fallowcliff generic building

  • Zed nature element

  • Hub world fountain


In progress:

  • Fixing game tile

  • Model the new Hub world

  • Decoration for New Hub World


In progress:

  • Quiritor Zed


  • Beilrim Armor

  • NPC Goggins


  • Bridged Shill token to Solana blockchain

  • Continued work on the marketplace

  • Continued work on importing Shill token into the game

  • Started work on refreshing the player portal UI

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