Project SEED
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April 18, 2022

Game Design

  • UI mockup of Zed inventory
  • Skill confirmation
  • Player control design confirmation
  • Started working on using Quest map system to make level
  • Started working on act 2 dialogues
  • Tested combat formula


  • Continued developing in-game map
  • Created markers for the map
  • Icons for quest menu
  • Quest menu and pop up menu
  • Continued produce NFTs for in-game
  • UI for item upgrade
  • UI for companion Zed


*Environment & Unity
In progress:
  • Hunter Heaven Farm
  • Retopo cliffs model
  • Model Hunters Heaven Sign
  • Texture new Cliffs and Ready to use with generator
  • Jervis Camp with Texture
  • New Flag marker with texture
  • Organized folder art assets


Worked on:
  • Solana minter
  • BSC marketplace
  • New Project SEED website
  • Unity to Blockchain integration