Getting $SHILL

Centralized Exchange

We have partnered with several exchanges to provide a platform for buying and selling SHILL Tokens.

KuCoin : :

Bitmart :



LBank :

Indodax :

Decentralized Exchange

Since we are building SHILL using Multi-Chain such as Solana Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. So we are supported by multiple DEXs from multiple blockchain, such as..

BNB Chain

ApeSwap :

DexTools : PancakeSwap :

Solana Blockchain

Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) DEX

Serum DEX become the backbone of Solana Blockchain Trading Capability, you can use one of several Serum Front end DEX available on Solana Blockchain.

Raydium :

Bonfida :

Aldrin DEX :

Remember first time using DEX you may need to add SHILL Market manually. Here's the instructions to add SHILL DEX Market : Adding SHILL to Serum DEX Market

Automated Market Maker (AMM) Swap

Simpler than CLOB DEX (Limit Order Book), because you can swap easier without hassle.

Raydium Swap :

Raydium Pool: SHILL/USDC

Jupiter (Aggregator Swap) :

Decentralized Exchanges are non-custodial exchanges, so they have no control over your funds, and require you to use DeFi Wallet to interact with (eg. (Solana) and (BSC) ). If you ever lose your keys (seed phase) to your wallet, your money is lost.

PLEASE be aware of the responsibility to backup your Non-Custodial Wallet.

Participate in Multichain IDO

We collaborate with several platforms to organize IDO and come from several blockchains, namely Solana Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain.

Solana Blockchain

Solanium IDO:

Binance Smart Chain

GameFi IGO:

Gamestarter IGO:

Terms and Conditions follow IDO & IGO organizers.

IDO -> Initial DEX Offering

IGO -> Initial Game Offering

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