January 15, 2022

Project SEED is pleased to offer weekly updates from gaming to blockchain development. It will correlate with the progress we make in our roadmap.

As of January 15, 2022, Project SEED is pleased to offer Weekly Roadmap Updates to readers in various categories. The updates are gathered from our Team Leads of art, UX/UI, game design, development, and blockchain that will correlate with progress we make in our roadmap. We hope this can provide information about Project SEED in the most timely manner as possible and our users can be kept informed properly.

Game Design

  • Worked on NFT metadata

  • Tested latest build for issue

  • Updated abilities cooldown and design documentation for skills and IVs

  • Opened world tile new biome in progress

  • Finalization of Zed stats


  • Inventory Menu finished

  • Worked on in-game Wallet in marketplace and making icons for items

  • Revision on Marketplace Menu

  • Started creating New Page, for example, login page, sign-in page, etc.

  • Finalization Crafting Menu


  • Worked on populating the environment

  • Finished Moloch, Strix, Oris, Dakk, Garuda armor

  • Vyrkir rigging done and ready to animate

  • Tennataur animation done, ready for game

  • Getting NFT cards ready


  • Worked on Solana NFT minter

  • Deployed an endpoint to get total number of SHILL token in circulation

  • Worked on new Project SEED website development

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