Project SEED
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March 11, 2022

Game Design

  • Fixed up design related bugs/issue on Moloch release
  • Fixed up tutorial map on normal design branch
  • Worked on various design documentation across different topics
  • Researched and documented on various combat related formulas such as damage formula
  • Worked on skill designs


*3D character team:
  • Finished Komogon sword
  • Finished Tyffany armor (suit still in progress)
  • Worked on Guildmaster lowpoly
  • Worked on Pedestrias highpoly
*Concept team:
  • Forest of Fortune design
  • Kid pedestrian
  • Grafwurm zed
  • Tier 3 and 4 of the tech
  • Male hunter illustration


Worked on:
  • Solana minter
  • BSC marketplace
  • New Project SEED website
  • O2 token