Project SEED

January 16, 2023


  • put levels together in the new level system
  • put combat together with the latest updates from Toan
  • Document clean up
  • Boss design
  • Working on equipment loot design


  • Continue Chat System
  • Refine Friend system
  • Adjust Party system
  • Continue Companion system
  • Add more effect to UI
  • Polishing and checking implementation
  • test vertical format
  • Inventory UI
  • Crating/Upgrading UI
  • Boss Health UI
  • Referral System


In progress:
  • Lenora's Expression for Player Animated Skill
  • Healer type companion
  • Melee type companion
  • Tank type companion
  • NPC Carlisle
In progress:
  • Cinematic story for Beilrim
  • Hunter's Heaven boss location
  • VFX style concepts
  • Inheritance Ranged DPS character
  • Environment paint over
  • Alien looking plants
  • Hunter's Heaven generic buildings
  • Ranged character new faces


In progress:
  • Alien-looking plant with bulbs - Forest biome Lower version
  • Improve Desert Tile decoration
  • Act 2 - Vyrkir Boss Location (Canyon)
  • Act 2 - Zed Controlling Machine Animation
  • Act 2 - Empty Outcast Hideout Decoration
  • Alien-looking plant with bulbs - Forest biome High version
  • Cactus Bulbs - Desert biome
  • Terrain Shader Fixed


  • Chinese New year Armor
  • Chinese New year sword
  • Graun Filler Zed


  • Room based combat with pre-positioned zeds
  • Waves based combat (using spawner)
  • Improve Feedback, adding kickback effect
  • Boss Phases, Testing, Improvement
  • Implement: Zed Spawn using Object Pool Manager
  • Implement: Abilities combo workflow improvement
  • Camera should be static to render the player character into the center of the screen.
  • Implement Skill Indicator
  • Adjust State Character Direction
  • Implement, Change Old loading to new version
  • Re-add dmgTextIndicator references
  • Re-assign correct dmgTextIndicator prefab to boss zeds
  • Implement Singleton Menu UI, for UI Menu
  • Implement Singleton UI on MapSystem
  • Remake Damage Text from Canvas Anim to TMPro Mesh
  • Color Damage Text
Bug Fix
  • Quest description button closes/opens the description again
  • Fix Missing Prefab Reference
  • Fix VFX Handler bug
  • Implement Client Separation
  • Remove compass references from game
  • Spawn Details Editor Tool, for Heinrich
  • Install SerializeReference Dropdown
  • Blockchain Backend API Exploit check
  • Check Server-side Exploits & Verify PE additions