$O2 Use Case

Game Dynamics

Beyond interoperability across the Metaverse, Outland Odyssey (O2) Token has heavy game-wide use cases.

Dungeon Creator

Dungeon Rewards, our play-and-earn system lets players earn O2 tokens that can be converted to real money. O2 tokens will be distributed based on Proof-of-Play.

Staking Rewards

O2 tokens will be distributed at the initial game launch, based on the SHILL staking system.

NFT Crafting

Every NFT minting will require players to burn SHILL and O2 Token. Project SEED believes this system will make a healthy game economics and balance of the token supply.

Item Enhancement

Players can enhance their game items (minted as NFTs) to increase their statistics and skills. Like minting, every enhancement requires players to burn O2 tokens.


In the Outland Odyssey game, players can interact with their beasts, called Zeds. Using O2 tokens, players can evolve Zeds and their skills to higher levels.

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