The world has shared a prize pool of $500M+ over the last few years in Esports. Reaching up to 250 Millions fans all over the world across multiple games, Project SEED is proud to say that we will have our own Esports program starting from online leaderboards up to global scale tournaments in the future for players to compete and be the best in our variety of games from Project SEED Ecosystem.

Esports Team

The development of online games in the digital era makes one of the games that develops is esports. The esport team has also grown significantly from time to time, so we also see the potential of esports for the development of the Project SEED.

By partnering with an esports team, we believe it will accelerate mass adoptions of the seed project to professional gamers as well as casual gamers outside the crypto industry.

Esports Tournament

Besides collaborating with esports teams, we also organize esports tournament events. It aims to support and introduce and give impression Project SEED Games, one of which is Outland Odyssey, to a wide range of gamers.

These events will give more exposure to Project SEED and Outland Odyssey to the general public, as people watch it on-site or stream it online.

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