How to Stake $SHILL?

What is Stake or Staking?

Staking is a way to put your SHILL / Crypto Token to work and earn rewards on it. We allocate a portion of the Project SEED's community token supply for Staking Reward and LP Staking Reward. This system will provide incentives for holders to hold their tokens from the early stages of the project.

Currently, we are developing The Vault, so to enable staking we are currently collaborating with HotCross to provide a platform for SHILL Holders to Staking SHILL Tokens.

Staking Guide

Step 1: Go to Click Here and connect your wallet using Metamask (Binance Smart Chain).

Step 2: Input the amount of $SHILL you want to stake and confirm the transaction.

Now your tokens are added to the pool and you can watch their farming in real time. Rewards can be claimed once the staking period ends in 30 days.

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