Project SEED

February 11, 2022

Game Design

  • Completed draft one of new design document
  • Continued to detail out the design document
  • Worked on some icons
  • Worked on story design documentations
  • Worked on animation list


  • Inventory done
  • Closed combat Manu
  • Acessories icons 90% done, skill icons 50%, Zed drop icons 80%, abillity icons done
  • Started new 4 Zeds icons
  • Continued log in page, registration page
  • Created new 3D botton for the game
  • Started icon template
  • Started creating Game background images


  • Rammum and Kanid armor done
  • Tutorial level done, prepared for optimization
  • Worked on procedural environment maps


Worked on:
  • Solana minter
  • BSC marketplace
  • New Project SEED website