Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

NFT Cross Chain Bridge

To simplify our users’ transaction processes, we are implementing a Cross-Chain bridge for our NFT and Tokens into our NFT Marketplace (BUY/SELL) backend. This will unlock the possibility of a user who owns different assets (NFTs and Tokens) on different blockchains to transact with each other without worrying about interoperability and Cross-Chain capabilities.

Case Example: Alice owns SPL type NFT and listed it for sale on the NFT Marketplace, Bob owns BSC type SHILL Token and wants to buy Alice’s SPL type NFT.

When Bob click BUY for Alice’s NFT and send his funds through the Marketplace, our system will execute 2 bridge transactions:

  1. Bridging Bob’s BSC type SHILL Token to SPL type SHILL Token

  2. Bridging Alice’s SPL type NFT to BSC type NFT

This product will also be made available for Project SEED partners’ games and assets within Project SEED Ecosystem.

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