It's not an easy journey for everyone, dare to start?

For countless eons, humankind thought they would live forever in tranquility. Until they saw the light that their world is getting old. Fields no longer conceal the surrounding view, waters on lakes began receding, loud iron clangs from quarries started fading out. For the first time in a thousand years, they wondered if Lady Luck was still smiling upon them.

A wise tale speaking about the eponymous Mornuin, the Great Keeper of Existence, emerged across creation. The birds sang that his presence was merely a superstition, while some townsfolk believed his pilgrimage took him to a place more worthy of his miracles. Not one soul knew the truth, but in such times of peril, the mortals had no choice but to venture forth into the unknown. Clutched by uncertainty, they began traversing the land to uncover the mystery.

Armed with ancient instruments, natural-born prowess, and splendor beasts called the Zeds, the mortals are primed to pursue the truth, no matter the cost. What awaits them will indisputably be unforgiving. Be that as it may, nothing will cease them from delivering the sanctuary of theirs from extinction.

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