September 4, 2023

Greetings, Avorian!

With Outland Odyssey Soft Launch and SEED: Staking, August was such an exciting month for Project SEED. Let’s see what the team has been up to in the last week of August!

Game Design

The design team has been hard at work this month, focusing on improving the game's stability and fine-tuning various aspects. Get ready for an even better Outland Odyssey experience!

  • Focus on build stabilization and checks

  • Story Act 2 & 3 development

  • Level design for chapter 6

  • Game improvement planning and adjustments implementation

  • Future feature planning

Character Art

Our talented character artists have been weaving their magic brushes to bring you new, eye-catching characters. There will be a radiant addition to our colorful cast!


  • Mythic Healer from Palepeaks - Light

Concept Art

The concept art team has been on a creative spree! They've brought to life some incredible character concepts and a new game icon. Stay tuned as we work on more exciting concepts!


  • Light Rammum

  • Light Mullog

  • Tank from Inheritance

  • New game icon

In progress:

  • Tank from Palepeaks

  • Fire Kanid


From the Zed controlling machine to Moloch's rock shell, the visual effects in Outland Odyssey are getting a makeover. Prepare yourself for cool, stunning effects!


  • Zed controlling machine

  • Moloch rock shell

  • Healing plants adjustments


Our environment team has been shaping the world of Avoria. The Komogon Temple for Chapter 6 is now complete, and we're working on the lighting for it among other things.


  • C6Q4 Komogon Temple

  • C6Q3

In Progress:

  • C6Q4 Komogon Temple Lighting

  • Old water well


On the blockchain front, we've reached some significant milestones. The Player Portal is now live and we've successfully completed the O2 minting system.


  • Player Portal

  • O2 minting

In Progress:

  • MKT deployment on main-net

  • Player Portal: Bugs fixing, Limit minting lvl

  • Wemix technical doc implement

  • Launchpad UX UI


Our programmers have been working their magic. We achieved a number of new features and improvements last week, from informative tutorials to enhanced in-game features and bug fixes!


  • Tutorial: Crystal conversion to O2X

  • Tutorial: Achievement

  • In-Game ShillX Usage

  • IAP: Crystal conversion & Custom payment cost

  • UI Recruitment: Common & Premium banner update

  • Player level API for Blockchain

In Progress:

  • Localization: Thai, Vietnamese, Tagalog

  • Procedural animation

  • Social Login

  • Backend PVP

Bug Fixes:

  • Abandon Mission: Enemy Zeds and Player controls disabled

  • IAP: Content bundles' duplicate description

  • Companion Abraham stuck hitting air

  • Companion Enemy Rammum AI crash

  • C3Q3: Arena spawn

Thank you for being a part of this adventure and we hope you've enjoyed the updates and improvements we've made in Avoria. See you next week!

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