Project SEED

March 6, 2023


In progress:
  • new gameplay levels
  • AI fixes + implementation
  • various minor bug fixes
  • story dialogue implementation
  • companion implementation
  • game economy design
  • game systems design


In progress:
  • Replace Indicator and floor shadows/cracks with projector meshes
  • Record new VFX preview clips for the animation team
  • Imposter renderer for Bogzar stampede and foliage
  • Folder restructuring for VFX prefabs
  • Particle projector shader for indicators and shadows
  • UPM package for particles uber shader
  • Healing zone VFX for healing flowers


In progress:
  • Character emotions: Lenora and Ilan
  • Melee from Palepeaks
  • Healer from Copperhead
  • Quicksands
In progress:
  • Ranged DPS type from Palepeaks
  • Healer from Inheritance - nature element
  • NPC brute
  • Dark element zed armor
  • LOD3(Guildmaster Carlisle and Tank type from Inheritance)


In progress:
  • Alien-looking plant with bulbs - Forest biome
  • C1Q1
  • Main game scn
  • C2Q1 decoration
  • Breakable Gate Zandwulf model
  • Breakable Tree - Desert biome
  • Destructible Pillar - Desert biome


In progress:
  • Range DPS from inheritance
  • Dark Element zed armor
  • NPC Tetch
  • Nature Element Armor.
  • Zed Miel


General Improvements:
  • Created Component system for GlobalHybridJobSystem
  • Utility folder clean-up
  • Documentation for Game Library
  • Unit test to check navmesh path
  • Trigger test adjustments
  • Deleted individual tile testing scene
  • Background music system
  • Combat effects & abilities refactoring
  • Implemented FEEL
  • Created a new combat test scene
  • Added combat text to enemy zeds and companions
  • Implemented enhanced skill button
  • Camera adjustments on the tutorial scene
Back end:
  • Grant Item API
  • GetCurrencyAmount
  • Redeem code
  • Grouping and function fixes on Swagger
  • Skill banner and feedback
  • One-use healing crystal
Bug Fixes:
  • When player died "abandon mission" option did not appear
  • Player died when immortal check is on
  • UI resolution issue
  • Dynamic animation logic
  • Jiggling Oris' HP bar
  • Dialogue did not appear at the end of quest
  • Tutorial scene blackout
  • Player not invincible when dashing
  • Player direction incorrect during attacks
  • Shooting abilities overlapping indicator
  • Enemies still alive with 0% life
  • Loot drop system