August 28, 2023

Greetings, Avorians! We’re back bringing you updates again this week.

Our development team is as always busy with their work on improving, adding, and polishing on Outland Odyssey. Let’s see what they have worked on!

Designers Team

  • Focus on build stabilization and checks

  • Story Act 2 & 3 development

  • Game improvement planning

  • Future feature planning

Concept Team

The concept team is adding even more awesome companion characters in progress and a slick machine VFX concept that looks so magnificently deadly!

In progress:

  • Tank from Palepeaks

  • Tank from Inheritance

  • Light Rammum


  • Outcast_machine_vfx

Character Team

In progress:

  • Mythic Healer from Palepeaks - Light

VFX Team

The visual effect team is back with a variety of unique moves! We cannot reveal the images yet, but reading these sure makes us wonder what kind of moves are these? The names sound so intriguing!

In progress:

  • Ember bomb cloud adjustments

  • Bogzar Rock shell adjustments


  • Iris Unholy heal

  • Magnus Heavy Blow

Texture Team

In progress:

  • Abigail new color

Environment Team

The environment team has also been hard at work, with completed projects listed below. C6Q2 means Chapter 6, Quest 2 area. Once you know our team’s abbreviations, it’s just so easy to understand what these are!

In progress:

  • C6Q3

  • C6Q4 Komogon Temple


  • C6Q2 Lighting

Programmers Team

In progress

  • Localization: Thai, Vietnamese, Tagalog

  • Audio System Refactor

  • Tutorial: Achievement

  • In-Game ShillX Usage

  • Social Login

  • Backend PvP


  • Build Stabilization & Bug Fixes


  • Tutorial: Equipment Level-up & Awakening

  • User RAM Phone Detection

  • Texture Compression

We are as excited as you are to share our next update next week! We hope you will love these incredible new contents in development for Outland Odyssey.

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