June 5, 2023

Greetings, Avorians! As we greet the new month, it’s been 6 months into 2023 already! As always, our development team has been busy developing even more new contents for the Outland Odyssey universe. Here’s our list of the progress made from May 29th to June 3rd, 2023.

Game Design

In progress:

  • level designs

  • bug fixes

  • quest story implementations

  • enemy implementations

  • game economy simulations

  • tutorial designs

The arts team has been working more on hunters’ skills this time. You can see how several of the VFX works are applied to players’ move attacks. We look forward to seeing the newer & flashier battle effect!

VFX Team

In progress:

  • Melodic Enchantment (Erin)

  • Nature elemental burst (Player)


  • Water elemental burst (Player)

  • AoE special attack (Player)

  • Fire elemental burst (Player)

Animation Team

Animation team is working for a new idea this week. They’ve been hard in looking for the best and suitable new companion characters by defining their movement sets! You can see several of their notes here

  • Brainstorming on new companion characters

Character Team


  • Percival as Melee

Concept team

With more designs on board, our concept team has surely been busy! They have made several dialogue expressions that are personalized for every unique characterization.

In progress:

  • Ranged from Palepeaks

  • Dialogue expressions - Lenora

  • Forest dialogue background

  • Hit VFX visual feedback


  • Dialogue expression - Ulsa

  • Dialogue expression - Carlisle

  • Desert dialogue background

  • Treasure boxes improved design

  • Dialogue expression - Moore

  • Erin - Melodic Enchantment VFX

UI/UX team

In progress:

  • Revision on party management, character, equipment screen

  • All Feature Prototype in XD

  • General UI asset library


  • Cut scene cinematic video

  • Achievement page feature

  • NFT human Companion and Story dialog

  • Elemental Essences icons revisions

  • Referral code page (Revisions)

  • General Inventory (Revisions)

Texture team

In progress:

  • Cooker

  • Kanid set


  • Percival

  • Dakk

  • Ulsa

  • Warrior Update

Environment Team

The environment team has also been hard at work, with completed projects listed below. C3Q3 means Chapter 3, Quest 3. Once you know our team’s abbreviations, it’s just so easy to understand what these are!

In Progress:

  • C3Q3

  • C3Q4 Lighting


  • C3Q4 Decoration

Finally, our programmers have been working diligently on general updates and back-end projects, and blockchain. They've also been working on an achievement system, improving the UI in various places, as well as fixing bugs and build errors.

Blockchain team


  • CYREX Bug Test:

    • bug fixes cross check ( 80% done )

    • resubmission: next week


  • add note: powered by Jupiter AG & link to theirs


  • Minor UI update

Programmers team


  • UI Gameplay

  • UI Party Management

  • UI Companion Recruitment

  • UI Achievement System

  • Character dynamics

  • Equipment stats adjustment

Gameplay Feel Improvements:

  • Animation handling

  • Combat damage effects on entities

  • Visual feedback on HP loss

  • Color adjustment

  • Knockbacks when attacking enemies

Bug Fix:

  • Character selection in PlayFab

  • Build error

We are as excited as you are to share our next update next week! We hope you will love these incredible new contents in development for Outland Odyssey.

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