July 17, 2023

Greetings, Avorians! We’re back bringing you updates on the third week of July.

Our development team has been busy developing and polishing more graphics as well as testing features for the game. Here’s our list of the progress made from the past week.

Designers Team

  • updated Bogzar VFX

  • initial setup for companion characters

  • game economy finalization in progress

  • setting up of dungeon quests

  • setting of achievements data

  • setting of quest data

Concept Team

Different plants are found in different parts of the area. They have varying appearances depending on where they grow, after all. This is the idea that we're going with for the Healing Plants found all over Avoria! The concept team does not stop in just making one universal plant to be placed everywhere. This time we have the visual for healing plants with glowing green bulbs, completely different to the leafy ones in the desert!

In progress:

  • Zed Variant - Forest

  • Hunter's Heaven Homescreen

  • Melee from Copperhead

  • Apk testing for art improvements


  • Hunter's Heaven dialogue background

  • Healing plant for Silent Grove

  • Mythic Healer from Palepeaks

  • Tetch's dialogue expression

Character Team

In progress:

  • Weapons set up

  • Healing plant - Silent Grove


  • Brachoptera offspring LOD4

  • Treasure chest

  • Weapons set up Season 1

  • Outcast alchemist LOD3

  • Percival Update LOD3

  • Magnus weapon LOD3

  • Iris weapon LOD3

VFX Team

In progress:

  • Celestine absorption (implementation dependent)

  • Celestine revitalize

  • Abraham dark stab


  • Rock shell adjustments

  • Ezra wild darkness

  • Whirlpool timing fixes

Texture Team

We have an exciting seasonal-themed asset here! You may notice that some Zeds here have a “Halloween update”, so what do you think it will look like? Will it have a different color, will it appear only for a limited time, or will it be more dangerous and spooky? We are still keeping the visuals so it will be more impactful when they drop!


  • Rammum Halloween update

  • Zandwulf Halloween update

  • Companion Agnes

  • Loot Chest

Environment Team

Environment team is back again on this week’s update with chapter’s quest improvement! They are improving the surroundings on C5Q3 (Chapter 5, Quest 3) and other quest levels. The decoration, lighting, and art scene affect the immersion that makes the path that Lenora travels feels real, after all!

In Progress:

  • Mission C2 ,Q1>Q4 improve Art

  • C5Q3 Decoration


  • C4Q3 final

  • C4Q4 Lighting

  • Mission C1 ,Q1>Q4 improve Art

Blockchain Team

In progress:

Events Tracking:

  • Research PowerBI and Tableau (Q&A with Singular)

  • Connection Issue between BI system & Singular


  • Bugs fix

  • Unit testing

Player Portal:

  • Feature to list player NFT

  • Update UI: Adding NFT Listing in MKT place from PP


  • Design UX UI

  • SC on SOL

MKT Place

  • Testing NFT flows

  • Upgrade NFT functions

  • Bugs fixing

  • UI implement


  • Cyrex resubmission

  • In-game bugs from the test

  • Adding level in filter from MKT place inventory

Programmers Team


  • Tutorial

  • UI Update

  • Social Login

  • Arena Dungeon

  • Chest Loot Drop

  • Companion Recruitment

  • Bug Fixes

  • Achievement Testing

  • Equipment Blendshape

  • Animation Event Update

  • Laser Beam & Aggro System


  • NFT Database Storage

  • Authentication Refactor

  • In-Game Staking Benefits


  • Push Notification

We are as excited as you are to share our next update next week! We hope you will love these incredible new contents in development for Outland Odyssey.

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