Project SEED

January 30, 2023


This Week
  • Work on story dialog system implementation
  • Work on new bespoke level design
  • Work on AI design + Implementation
  • Work on playfab data setup
  • Work on deck slide
Next Week
  • Work on deck slide
  • Localization item keys
  • Continue implementation of story system
  • Continue to put levels together in the new level system
  • Continue AI Setup development
  • Continue work on new bespoke level designs


  • Friend system
  • Daily Login
  • Chat system
  • Mail System
  • Party System
  • Companion Recruitment System
  • Companion Level Up System
  • Companion awakening System
  • Map system (Dungeon map selection)


In progress:
  • Lenora's Expression for Player Animated Skill
  • Healer type companion
  • Nature element zed Armor
  • Tank type from inheritance - light element
  • Melee type companion
  • Brachoptera Armor
In progress:
  • Strix's light VFX concepts
  • Carnivorous plants (Forest biome)
  • Ranged DPS from Palepeaks
  • Melee DPS from Inheritance
  • Tank character from Inheritance (light element)
  • Ranged DPS from Inheritance (light element)
  • Ranged DPS from Inheritance (dark element)
  • Second environment overpaint
  • Dakk's dark vfx
  • Improvements for the tutorial environment


In progress:
  • Chapter1Quest_2 Map
  • Desert Plants
  • Prototype new Environment looks
  • Chapter1Quest_1 Map
  • unity cinemachine workflow
  • Prefab Boss Crystals zeds
  • Act 2 - Dryrock Arena (location)


In progress:
  • NPC Carlisle
  • Nature Element Zed - Snow Biome
  • Doge
  • Tank type companion
  • Melee type companion


  • Ultra-Skill (need adjustment on Cinemachine)
  • New Scenario Load (Using separated Env and Core Scene)
  • Adjust Unity class to to use Shared Library
  • Split Assembly Definition (15 new assembly)
  • Map-Streamed Layout Core
  • Playfab Catalog Editor (edit playfab catalog data in unity) cc Chua Kok Tung
  • Visual Provider (Move visual data to Addressable [Item Icon, Item Model])
  • Firebase Remote Config (Unity RC will be removed)
  • Adjust PopupSystem for Potrait
  • Remove OpenWorldGenerator (obsolete)
  • Remove MultiplayerManagaerPun (obsolete)
  • Alignment new backend code standard (everything use dynamic previously causing headache)
  • PlayfabControllerV2 (handle all game data)
  • Adjust UICurrencyText (to use PlayfabControllerV2)